Will COVID kill the business card?

2020 brought around a brand refresh for One Room Studio, and part of that process was creating new business cards. I did not print as many as I have in the past, although I am optimistic that the era of this miniature advertising placard is not over. COVID will (probably) not kill the business card!

Even before the current state of affairs with masks and hand sanitizer, the humble business card was beginning to get relegated to certain industries while others were eschewing them entirely. With the rise of the smart phone it’s just as easy (or easier) to “beam” someone your contact info as it is to dig out a card and hand it off. Now, with our touchless society, we’ll see even less trading of such trinkets.

Which is a shame, really. The business card is your first chance to get your brand in front of someone and create a touchpoint. It’s a small and unassuming piece of print most of the time, but it’s also a hand-held billboard for you. It’s something tactile, and more than likely will be looked at at least one more time. This allows your potential business relationship to relive your meetup and consider your story. One more chance to connect with you. That’s not too bad for one of the smallest forms of advertisement.

The business card continues to fight on. Do you agree that they still have a place in business, or has that ship sailed?