Visual Storytelling

Cover of the book South by Patrick McDonnell

My wife Christina is a kindergarten teacher with a large collection and love of children’s literature. Being in the orbit of this, I often see and enjoy much of her collection. One of her favorite authors, Patrick McDonnell, has a book that is a classic example of visual storytelling. I love to see around this time of the year. Bonus points for Mr. McDonnell: he was born in the same town as me—Elizabeth, NJ!

South is the story of a little bird that oversleeps and gets separated from its flock as they fly south for the winter. The bird gets some help from regular McDonnell character Mooch the cat. It’s a cute and sweet story for sure. But what really grabs me about this book is that the story is told without any words. It’s an emotional tale that’s a true page-turner. Yet there is no need to read to get the full impact. That, my friends, is visual storytelling.

So why am I bringing it up here? I mean, besides the fact that it’s an awesome book? It’s just a reminder that, if you develop your brand style and fully realize it, anything you put out in the world can show what you offer. It can have your voice, even when it’s silent. It can tell your story and spark a reaction. And it can get you noticed.

So think about that the next time you think about what your marketing shows. If you need help figuring out how visual storytelling can work for you, reach out and together we can find the words…if we even need them! Contact 1RS for more info.