Launch Your Brand


Your logo is the keystone to your company’s brand identity. It appears on all of your printed materials Your digital presence like your website and social media show it off in headers and avatars. The logo needs to be a memorable, unique identifier that will champion your business. It must raise you above your competitors and connect you to the right audience.

We are visually bombarded with brands every day. Hundreds of company logos cross our field of vision and many leave our mind as quickly as they enter. They may have already lost your business, simply because you couldn’t remember the. That’s a lost opportunity. So if you’re looking for a new logo or rebrand for your company, why wouldn’t you want to do it right?

A great design is simple, unique and focused. It needs to be versatile, for use in a variety of media across your brand system. And the logo should feel timeless—something that will be comfortable living with your brand for a long while.

One Room Studio will take you on a journey. It starts with the formulation of an idea and moves to a fully realized design that takes into account all key factors.1RS will help you understand why those creative choices were made. And of course, 1RS will make sure that your logo, the building block of your brand’s identity, helps you tell your story.

Options range from a basic logo package with limited support files to a full brand system—let One Room Studio help you find the right fit for your budget.


Our journey shouldn’t stop once you have a finished logo (with a suite of files in a variety of formats) in hand. A tool handled the wrong way can do more harm than good, and your logo is the number one tool in your visual identity toolbox. 

A proper brand system will ensure that your message is consistent across all platforms. Whether it’s the associated graphical elements, typography, layout considerations or even the voice of your copy, it should all feel seamlessly united. This leads to increased recognition…and we know where that leads, right?

1RS will create a solid system with an easy to understand guide, so that you can take ownership of your brand and your message. This guide will help you communicate with vendors for any of your marketing needs. It’s a key tool for success, and it’s included in the Brand System package. 

Contact One Room Studio to schedule a no obligation conversation to find the best fit for you.