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about the company

One room, that’s it. In that room there’s a Macintosh computer loaded with a suite of creative applications and the hardware nearby to support it. A large library of reference resources, a connection to the internet and a network of vendors makes everything available for flexing creative muscle and make your business’ message strong.

Oh, and the key to this is also in that room — the guy in the room — Steve Mruskovic.

One Room Studio was started to bridge the gap between high-priced advertising agencies and the well-intentioned but inexperienced relative who’s “pretty good on the computer” (but lacks the expertise that years in the industry bring). Running a small business can be a costly and time consuming venture. It’s hard enough doing the work that needs to be done to keep your customers happy without having to worry about your logo (which is often the first impression your potential customer sees), stationery, ads, website or other creative needs that get your business recognized.

experience that will get you noticed

You might think “I can’t afford to pay an agency for this work!”, which is often true with such a small part of your operating budget available for these services. “The design that I, a family member or friend have cobbled together is good enough for now” might sound like a good idea to save a little money, but the truth is, you could be hurting your business in the long run. You probably have an accountant for your financial matters and a lawyer for legal issues. These professionals are a good idea, and so is a professional creative partner.

Things that you probably wouldn’t think of — everything from relevent color and design trends and cost-saving printing techniques to proper paper selection and website content and layout — are all things that are brought to the table when you hire experience and expertise.

With low overhead — it is, literally, a one room home office — and unbridled enthusiasm, One Room Studio is the affordable alternative that offers personal service, fresh creative ideas and options to suit any budget. Contact 1RS today for a no cost consultation and get started on getting noticed.